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Smoke Ban in Austria

Smoking in public areas is a debate and controversial topic for countries all over the world. Some countries are very specific about areas you can and cannot smoke for both safety and appearance reasons. While smokers want their freedom to smoke, others want to completely avoid second-hand smoke.

Austria has decided to set a smoke ban in all restaurants which should take complete effect by 2018. There are many conflicted views on the topic as some believe it is a step in the right direction, others think waiting three years is too long, and some are completely against it.

Austria in particular is known for smoking being associated with its culture, and also holds the ranking of having one of the highest smoking populations. It is a prominent problem among their youth.

How would you feel if a law like this was enacted in your area? Do you think there are any disadvantages to this?

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  1. hada_sonadora

    Well to be honest I am not a smoker and I would be happy if they would ban smokers from smoking. Because I can’t stand the smell of nicotine. It really bothers me to the point that I can’t help, but I start coughing.
    Indeed waiting 3 years is too much, but I do understand that those things take time and they cannot be implemented from today to tomorrow.
    On the other hand I do feel for the smokers who will not have the liberty to smoke at all. And if they are addicted in which most people are. Then I have a feeling that those people who are addicted will stir up some controversy.
    For me if they just smoke outside a restaurant then that would be fine by me, but banning something like this is a extreme decision.

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