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Snapchat costs money?

Snapchat has made available yet another version which has a cost component to it. In this newest addition, the users will need to pay to use specific “lenses,” which are filters that can be applied to the photos. However, unlike Instagram, these filters are more extravagant in the way that they can make you puke rainbows! How exciting! Each costs $0.99.

Many fans of the app have been showing their annoyance, feeling that it is absurd to ask people to pay for them. Surprisingly as a response, the official Snapchat Twitter page took to retweeting some of these negative outbursts.

Seeing how popular these filters have become, Snapchat has chosen to earn some profit off of their users. This is not the first time they have asked for payment in return for a service, as replaying videos also costs the same amount.

Would you pay for the feature? Or could you care less? Let us know below!

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