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Snuber, The Self-Driving Taxi

Photo credit: AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the far future. Rather, it is more of a very near one! We have all heard and seen the development in this area of technology, and even thought that these cars are not yet available for the public use. We cannot help but be amazed with these advances, or not for those who are skeptical about anything related to arificial inteligence.

Many companies have been investing in self-driving technology. This includes Google, which has been working on this for almost a decade now, Tesla, Nissan, Samsung, Uber that recently open its own lab, and that is just to name a few big names. This is a race that can only benefit us, the consumers.

But the latest news on this autonomous vehicle comes all the way from a university in Seoul, South Korea, where tests are already being done by the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center at Seoul National University, by transporting students with disabilities around the campus. These tests have been going without any reported accidents in the last six months.

The Sedan has not yet been tested outside the boundaries of the Univerity campus. So far, a driver is require to be behind the steering wheel due to the regulations banning these types of vehicles on the road and for emergency reasons.

Seo Seung-Woo, the director of the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center of the university belives that more tests are needed outside the university-controlled environment in order to see how it fairs on real traffic conditions. They are aiming for the autonomous car to drive between highways and tollgates in early 2020.

Many people who use taxis as a way of transportation are loving this idea. But, we must consider if this way of mobility will reduce the dirty condition or bad smells that many of us often complain about taxis, or the broken heating or air conditioning we encounter on some of them? Although, I do believe that we’ll be free of the rudness we get from some of their drivers, and those sketchy Uber drivers some people have had the displeasure to come across with. If those self-driving taxi’s software is well maintained, our rides will surely be the safest ones.

What do you think about the idea of a car with no human driver?

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