Hottest CYO

So Many Fashions

There is some GORGEOUS CYO out there right now, these are some divas rocking only a fraction of the fabulousness!

Diva #1

Hair: Anne-Marie
Top: Aristocat
Bottoms: Aristocat
Shoes: Azteresa
Skirt: Hippie_Chick
Scarf: _Marie_

Diva #2

Hair: Hippie_Chick
Bottoms: Griffysgirl
Handbag: Griffysgirl
Shoes: Griffysgirl
Coats: Girffysgirl

Diva #3

Hair: Hippie_Chick
Handbag: _Marie_
Shoes: _Marie_
Dress: Sherisboyz
Skirt: Kasiopeya

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