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Solar Roadways – The Future in Your Miles

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This news is definitely not something new but it still seems that way to me, especially when I see this idea being brought to fruition now: Solar Roadways.

I first found out about the possibility of this ingenious idea after I saw the video of this couple, Julie and Scott Brusaw, who during the 2000s came up with the idea. What they envisioned are solar panels for our roads and driveways that are strong enough to withstand a heavy vehicle. What amazed me even more about this is its capability to melt snow. For those of you who spend winters cleaning the snow of driveways and side walks hoping the city clean the roads, you know how something like this could make your lives less stressful during the winter.

In 2014, they used a crowd funding website,, to get funds to get this project going. They were able to raise a total of $2,268,553 USD in 2014. The page is still up to this date in case your curious enough to check out their video about these types of panels.

They also have a website here that you can check out.

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