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Some DC News For The Summer of 2016

We got the summer started by playing Summer Flash Game Blitz in the forums. The object of Flash Game Blitz is to participate in as many flash games as possible! Each game will only run for 2 days.

There is a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each game.

What are the prizes?

Place prizes for each game:
1st Place – 30 coins, 30,000 moolah, 2,000 xp, + trophy
2nd Place – 20 coins, 20,000 moolah, 1,000 xp + trophy
3rd Place – 10 coins, 10,000 moolah, 500 xp, + trophy

Prize for completing ALL games:
100 coins, 100,000 moolah, 5000 xp + trophy
You MUST have an entry in every single game to qualify for this prize.

If you have any questions regarding the Flash Game Blitz then you can go to this link.

Are you participating in this Summer Flash Game Blitz?
And also in our Pulse related news, the Pulse Team would like to welcome our two trainees Catlover64 and Hada_Sonadora! We are thrilled to be expanding our team!
And in other DC News for the summer of 2016! This summer, the Forum team has introduced a new game called “Colour Wars”.

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“The Colour Games will be a month-long, team-based event.
After you sign up, you will be placed onto a team. Together, you will be completing various forum-based tasks to gain points for your team.

This competition will be a test of your DC foruming know-how and skills!
Each week we will feature different tasks for you to partake in that are related to the forums and will test your abilities to work with others, blog, make use of our arcade, post around the forums and engage in VM conversations.
Every week will have a different focus and the tasks will be staggered throughout the week.
At the end, the team with the most points accumulated will be crowned the winner of the games”

What are the prizes?

50 coins, 50,000 moolah, 5000 experience points and a trophy for each member of the winning team

25 coins and 25,000 moolah bonus prize for those who complete all the given tasks

The competition has started and all the participants know which team they belong to. There are currently 2 teams: Team Mango Tango and Team Jazzberry Jam.

So are you repping “Team Mango Tango” or are you on “Team Jazzberry Jam”?

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