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Some Holiday DC News

Tis the season to be jolly around Diva Chix, yes it’s once again December.

And you know what that means – a fun filled month full of activities hosted by our very own DC Staff.

We have lots of activities this month so let’s see what the DC Staff has prepared for us.

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Our very own Pulse Team has hosted its “Design a Pulse Cover.” The participants had to Design a Holiday Cover for the Pulse Magazine. Just like every season the entries have blew us away. The contest has ended and the winners were announced.

Did you want to see who the winners were? Simply click here.

So tell me did your favorite winner of “Design a Pulse Cover Contest” win?

What did you think? Comment right down below.

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The Forum Team has hosted its “Forum Awards.” You will see a list of categories and all you have to do is nominate your members.

There are a set of rules however you do have to follow, but other than that it’s all about having fun. Do you want more information about this Holiday “Forum Awards”?

Simply click here. Tell me did you participate in this Holiday “Forum Awards”? What did you think? Comment right down below.

Besides the above mentioned activities there were other activities also being held this month. For example the Voting Game, a Holiday Bundle Auction, Real Life Christmas Tree Decorating Contest, Decorate an Ornament, Elf Yourself, Decorate a Stocking, Come as you are Holiday Party, Guess what’s in the stocking, and so much more.

Want to see which competition and or contest were being held this month? Simply click here.

So tell me did you enter any of the activities this month? Which one was your favorite? What did you think? Comment right down below.

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