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Some Spring Guild News

Once again, congratulations to the Bela and Mode guild for being Guild of the Month and to the Dress Up Challengers guild for being Featured Guild of the month.

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Spring is in the air, but so is the war. Yes, another season of Guild War has started. The theme is “Spring is in the Air”. In addition, this season it is all mall. All mall means that aside from a CYO background, the only items that are permitted are only mall and boutique items.

Want to get more information on this season of Guild War? Click here.

Did you enter this season of Guild War? What did you think of the theme? Comment right down below.

Speaking of Guild War, the winners have been announced! A big congratulations goes to the 3 winners of Guild War.

1st place goes to azteresa from the Hippie Sista guild

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2nd place goes to Vergina from the Bela & Mode guild

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3rd place goes to sl2011 from the Amazing Beauties guild.

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Congratulations to all three of you. I am so happy for you all! Did you get to congratulate the winners? You can do so here!

Did your favourite entry win or did it place in the top three? Comment right down below.

In other guild related news, vor the first time ever on “Divachix,” two guilds decided to come together on their own prerogative. On the 15th of March the “Amazing Divas” and the “Karmic Beauties” became the “Amazing Beauties”. Congratulations to all the members of the “Amazing Beauties”. Another guild followed suit and became the “DUC Fab”. Can you guess which guilds were apart of this? How about the “Devoted Stars?”

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