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Congratulations again to the Bela and Mode guild for being Guild of the Month and to Hippie Sistas guild for being Featured Guild of the Month!

In other guild related news…

This month, a new season of Guild Survivor has started.

Guild Survivor is a month long contest where one member from each guild is allowed to play for their guild. Each week, contestants earn points for activities that they complete within the guild community.
A certain number of members with the lowest scores will be eliminated each week.
The last person standing wins!

Wishing all the contestants that will be participating this season the best of luck.

Here are some helpful links you may want to check out:
Want more information about Guild Survivor?

The results for week 1 have been posted.

The results for week 2 have also been posted.

So, was your favorite survivor eliminated or are they still in the running in this season of Guild Survivor?

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