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SpaceX’s Epic Ocean Rocket Landing

Image credit: SpaceX

After many failed landing attempts, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has made an epic sea landing on a drone ship. After dropping a cargo capsule in orbit that was intended to the International Space Station, it has become the space program’s first and only rocket to land it’s rockets on land and sea.

Falcon 9 is the first rocket to land safely, after returning to earth, which will allow the rocket to be reused, making a huge impact on space travelling costs. No more need to rebuild rockets that costs around 60 millions of dollars, or waisted time on rebuilding them, every time they need to go to space. Musk has estimated that each of this rockets could be reused, roughly, about 10 to 20 times. Let’s hope so.

Based on this new event, SpaceX has stated their intentions to increase its launches by every other week by the end of this year. And if this program continues to in this path, and if all goes right, they may end up being the first ones to bring human to Mars.

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