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Spring’s Guild News

Congratulations to the Immortal Elegance guild for being Guild of the Month and congratulations to the Paper Dollz for being Featured Guild of the month.

They battled and most didn’t survive. Who were the 3 Survivors of this season?

Congratulations to the ultimate Survivor swish from the Immortal Elegance guild!

Congratulations to Vergina from the Bela and Mode guild for winning 2nd place in this season of Survivor

And congratulations to ladyinpink from the DUC Fab guild for winning 3rd place in this season of Survivor.

You entered, battled, and were the last ones standing.

Congratulations to all 3 of you I am so happy for you all.

Did you congratulate the 3 winners of guild survivor? Do you still want to?

Simply click here.

Did you enter this season of guild survivor?

Did your favorite Survivor win? What did you think of this season of Guild Survivor?

Comment right down below.

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