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Students Rebel Against Strict Dress Code in NY

This year’s hottest trends have been anything cut-off and cropped. These trends have become problematic for some students in Staten Island, NY. According to the New York Post, students have been fighting against the policy banning such trends, taking their detention slips and serving their time with a sassy grin.

The new school year at the Tottenville High School in New York City put new clothing rules into place that “prohibit girls from wearing shorts or skirts that don’t extend past the students’ fingertips when they have their arms down at their sides, low-cut or midriff-bearing shirts, leggings, skinny jeans, and more.”

Tottenville High School’s superintendent Aimee Horowitz was quoted in a statement talking about the school’s “Dress For Success” directive saying “students do have the right to determine their own dress except where such dress is dangerous or interferes with the learning and teaching process,”

To go against this rule and prove that it’s their right to dress how they choose, female students, who call the code “blatantly sexist” have dressed in “overtly revealing outfits”.

Such punishments for breaking this rule include a warning for a first time offender, a call home to parents for second infractions requiring they bring new clothes for their child to wear, or, further, a student can receive detention. According to the Post, nearly 90 percent of the detentions for dress code violations have been issued to female students.

What do you think of dress codes? Should students be given uniforms?

6 Comments on Students Rebel Against Strict Dress Code in NY

  1. angieluvboo

    Yep, they just need to go to a Student Uniform policy. That will cut out *some* of the problems, but my high school did school uniforms, and we all cut our skirts pretty short, and some girls tied their blouses to make them cropped. So uhhh yeah, can’t win them all lol.

  2. hada_sonadora

    I would choose uniforms because it saves you money and time.
    Money so you don’t waste the clothes you have.
    And time because you don’t have to think what will I wear tomorrow.

  3. GiggleBox

    Every year when I was in school the administration cried uniforms but it never happened.. so we never changed. I personally would have liked uniforms because that would have been one less thing to worry about/ wake up early for in the morning. On the other hand, my sister’s school had no dress code and everything was just fine so maybe they should chill.

  4. aphrodeity

    I am very open for students self expression but theres a dress code for every place you go. A school is a professional environment. It should be common sense for a student to know not to wear revealing outfits. If the rules are not been followed, uniformed should be enforced and the problem will be solved.

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