Red Carpet Divas

Stunning on the Red Carpet!

If you enter the Red Carpet event PLEASE NOTE:

With the new Pulse layout, the Red Carpet has changed. In the old Pulse, the winner of the top five that the Winner’s Tool shows me was the cover diva. With the new layout, I can show all the top five winners as we have also changed the way we choose the cover diva.

By resetting the Red Carpet event every few days, I can collect many divas from the top five winners as you can tell from all the divas above, thereby enabling me to showcase many more Red Carpet entries and make it fairer for more to be included. All divas chosen for the showcase will be awarded prizes.

REMEMBER: If your diva was chosen for the Red Carpet showcase in this or a future issue, we WANT you to keep entering, but please dress your diva differently, as I cannot put duplicate entries in future issues. ~By Gwen

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