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Sukin Organic

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Have you heard of Sukin organic skin care? This product came from Australia with a great handful of organic ingredients. I just started to wear their night cream a month ago, and it is extra calming and safe for sure because all of it is organic.

I like the simple packaging, where I think Sukin brand did very well. The night cream, the sensitive calming night cream, has a bit of a strong smell of organic ingredients. I don’t really know how to explain the smell of it, but I do not entirely like it.

However, the cream is thick but light and creamy. It absorbs into the skin very well. I have an oily face skin type and it doesn’t makes my face more oily nor dry. It just makes it way more supple the next morning. I love it! If you prefer to wear more organic products, I suppose you will like this one from Sukin.

Final Thoughts

Love this one, definitely makes my skin more supple, calm, and well treated.

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