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Summer hairstyles!

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So summer is coming in, which to me means sweaty necks unless some new summer hair styles are found! Here are a list of some of my personal favorites for this time of the year.

  1. Chunky top bun – This one is great, easy, relaxed and gets all the hair off your neck, keeping you incredibly cool.
  2. High ponytail – A key tip for a decent high tail is to follow the natural line of your cheekbone when pulling your hair back.
  3. Low side braid – Easy, simple, and relaxed but with slightly more work involved to lay it right. It doesn’t totally get the hair off your neck for the heat, but it is still cute and does the job better than keeping it down.
  4. Cute pixie cut – If you’re brave enough, this will sort out those summer hair issues! It is easier to maintain and cool in the heat. However the issue with this is not everyone can pull it off, which is why its lower down this list!
  5. High braid – Just like the high pony, however braided. This is harder to do yourself without actually seeing the back of your head, however its cool, keeps it off your head and very cute!

Comment if you have any more suggestions for summer hairstyles, or think a certain style should be higher up the list!

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