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Summer Secrets – Jane Green

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Cat lives in London during the late ’90s. She has friends, parties to go to and has a nice job. However, she drinks too much and usually gets into compromising situations thinks it’s okay because she believes it’s appropriate before she settles down. On one occasion, Cat blacks out and wakes up in a unknown man’s house: Jason. Jason is a successful and very handsome TV director who shows interest in her and is also a recovering alcoholic.

He convinces Cat to go to some AA meetings to get her on the right track. She’s doing very well until she gets news from her mother. Her mother tells her that the man who raised her, is not her father. Her real father is a man her mother met in Nantucket while visiting her aunt.

For Cat, this explains everything about her childhood and after talking to her real father, she wants to visit him and meet her two half sisters, Ellie and Julia. Things go very well with her new family, until her alcohol abuse gets in the way again.

Years later, Cat gets the opportunity to make things right with them, unsure if they will ever forgive her.

Final Thoughts

Cat is a tough character to root for in the beginning. She's blatantly an alcoholic and struggles to just have only one drink. The decisions she makes while under the influence of alcohol are tough to witness and I felt due to her addiction, she was self-sabotaging all the good things in her life. Her behavior was destructive, so I was glad to see Jason enter her life and try to steer her the right way. However, Cat has to do it for herself, not him, so this was always a dark cloud hanging over their relationship. Years later we found a new woman, completely sober and it's a relief to read from here on. It was great to read through her fight against the vice and all in all, it was a great book.

Overall Score 3
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