Hottest CYO

Summer’s Hottest CYO

There have been so many new, beautiful CYO items around the site from exclusives that will make you drool and envy those who were lucky enough to get their hands, to the ones who are available for everyone.

Above are just a few of those creations ready for you to purchase and start playing with.

1st Doll
Body: Ragdoll Boutique by mannequin
Hair: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Top: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Shorts: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Bow: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Props: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Shoes: ~Serendipity~ by _marie_
Socks~Serendipity~ by _marie_

2nd Doll
Body: Neverland by teolaessa
Hair: Neverland by teolaessa
Hat: Neverland by teolaessa
Skirt: Neverland by teolaessa
Top: Neverland by teolaessa
Necklaces Neverland by teolaessa

3rd Doll
Body: Diva Chix Shopping Mall
Hair: Glitters by angel_mommy94
Dress: Llamas N’ Dresses by missllamaness

4th Doll
Body: Andreia’s by ami7mina
Hair: Andreia’s by ami7mina
Dress: Andreia’s by ami7mina
Face: Andreia’s by ami7mina

5th Doll
Body: Spectrum by pandaimeec
Hair: Witchy Woman Wardrobe by hippie_chick
Top: Indigo Ti by kasiopeya
Bag: Indigo Ti by kasiopeya
Pants: Indigo Ti by kasiopeya
Shoes: Indigo Ti by kasiopeya
Necklaces Indigo Ti by kasiopeya

6th Doll
Body: Ragdoll Boutique by mannequin
Hair: Heavenly Boutique by tatymemaw
Dress: Top Fashions by anne-marie
Bag: Top Fashions by anne-marie
Shoes: Top Fashions by anne-marie
Earrings: Witchy Woman Wardrobe by hippie_chick

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