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Congratulations to all the winners of Guild Survivor XXVIII! All of you lovely ladies worked super hard battling for that long month.
This Guild Survivor was different than any other Survivor: each guild had TWO members to represent them. Also, guild survivors were not allowed to use the Diva Blast perfume.

There were 22 survivors at the beginning. On August 30th, Guild Survivor was finally over. After a whole month of continuous battling, there were three guilds who survived. The winners of Guild Survivor were:
In first place:
usage and midnight_kiss from Little Darlings who both scored 10,601 points.
In second place:
anne-marie and duck from Fun N Fab who both scored 9,666 points.
In third place:
razisg and firstlady113 from Amazing Divas who both scored 8,778 points.

Great job to everyone who participated in Guild Survivor and congratulations to all of the winners!


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