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Taylor Swift In a Wedding

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Taylor Swift surprised two fans who got married on June 4, in New Jersey. The singer made a surprise appearance at Max & Kenya wedding, where she gave a small concert for the guests and took photographs afterwards with the bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives.

This surprise was prepared by the groom’s sister, who wrote a tender letter to Taylor Swift, inviting her to the wedding, explaining that she and Max had lost their mother recently and that her brother got married in the hospital so she (at the time state cancer terminal) could witness her son’s wedding.

The newlyweds danced to their favorite music, one of the successes of the artist, “Blank Space”, and Taylor sang with special dedication at the wedding reception.

Given the circumstances, it is clear that Taylor would accept this invitation and it seems she still has hope when it comes to love.

We must remind you that the singer and DJ Calvin Harris recently ended their relationship, but Swift seems to be coping well with the breakup. The singer shared on her personal Instagram, photos of the moments she shared with the fans in their marriage, and even brought a gift for the couple.

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