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Terror Attack on the City of Light

This month, the City of Paris, France, was shaken up by a tragedy while the President and many other residents and visitors were nearby enjoying a soccer (football) match between France and Germany.

The coordinate massacre left at least 130 people dead and more than 100 injured throughout different areas in Paris. It has been weeks since the attack and many keep traveling to the site of the attacks to mourn and leave flowers in memory of the victims.

With some of the attackers residency in Brussels, it led to the Belgium authorities, Paris and other European countries to raise its terror alert to its highest. The terrorists were not foreign but nationals, which was a big surprise for the authorities.

How long until we stop killing one another? My heart goes to the victim and the families who have lost their love ones.

4 Comments on Terror Attack on the City of Light

  1. amethyst_eyes

    Beautifully written helga! My heart goes out to the Parisian people and all they have been going through. The world seems determined to hurt each other, we can only hope and pray somehow someday this will end.

  2. hada_sonadora

    The terror will stop until each one of us start looking at ourselves and stop being violent to one another and start spreading love and wisdom to each other.
    It is so hard to see that not only in Paris, but everywhere.
    We should really stop the hatred and the violence.
    Because the world is spinning out of control already and if we don’t stop soon it will only get worse.

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