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We from the Pulse Team would like to wish all our readers and or fans a happy new year.

May you all have a prosperous year and may this year be everything you wish for.

Now I want to talk just a bit about our amazing magazine.

Our magazine got its name “Pulse” through a voting poll where you the readers and or fans could make a choice between “Pulse” and two other names.

And of course the name “Pulse” has won.

The voting poll was posted on 22nd of November 2009.

And almost a month later, our first issue was released.

The first issue of “Pulse” was released on 21st of December 2009.

The Pulse team was so happy to show you the fans what they had to bring to the table.

And not only were they a part of Pulse, but also you our beloved readers and or fan.

The Pulse team has asked opinions what you the fans would want to see in the magazine.

As the years were going by and the times were changing.

So has the vision for this magazine also changed.

On 3rd of January 2011 the Pulse Team has decided to post another voting poll to so you our readers and or fans could voice your opinion on what you would like to see in the magazine and what you want taken out of the magazine and why.

And after a few months of Pulse being not active. On 22nd of March 2012 a new issue of Pulse was finally out. With the new changes!

This issue also had a voting poll to see if you would like to post ads in our magazine. And of course, the answer was yes.

And on 28th of September 2013, Pulse celebrated its 100th issue.

The Pulse Team has worked so hard on making this 100th issue as amazing as they could so they could bring this to you our readers and or fans. So you could also celebrate with us!

And now after 7 years of existence, we can all look back and see how much we all have achieved together. Nowadays the magazine is filled with so much information, reviews, tips, shout-out, posting ads, hacks and a lot, lot more!

Yes, times have changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the appreciation that we have for you our loyal and beloved readers and fans.

Thank you for 7 consecutive years. Thank you for the comments, voting, shout-outs and ads in every issue. We really appreciate it a lot.

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