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The 10 million dollar coin

Image credit: (Jakke Nikkarinen)

Are you a coin collector? Perhaps you like collecting coins from the different countries you visit. Or, maybe you like to have ones for every year you find. Coins have different values for everyone, whether personal or monetary. The coin you see above is definitely of value. How much you ask? 10 million dollars.

The coin that can be found in London is not worth an incredible amount because of the silver it is made of, but rather the cultural values it holds. It has tremendous history as it is believed to be one of or the very first dollar that was made. It could have been held by President George Washington himself!

After experts analyzed it, they have determined that it is definitely a rare coin and remarkable that it even lasted this long in the condition that it is in.

Curious to read more? Check out this article at BBC!

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