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The Circle

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This book is a story about future Google. Not particularly Google in real life though, but
the similarity is really close. From the kind of map that can search you wherever you are,
the camera that will find your every steps and so on. This sounds creepy but if you think
about it and believe it’s not here already, nope you are wrong. It’s happening already with technology from Google.

Talking about the character here, she is quite smart, with a little bit of innocent side.
But I think we can all agree if you get so much great facility from where you work,
we would just be in awe just like her.

I just don’t really like the ending, because it’s kind of confusing with the people being
mean to her family without really focusing on why it happened.

Final Thoughts

I quite enjoyed reading this book, the first few chapters makes me dream about working in an office like that. Especially the clean clothes and the room that we can spent the night in.

Overall Score 3.7
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