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The Damned

As the spirit of Halloween is creeping its way in, how about a nice thriller for this month?

The Damned, written by Andrew Pyper is a paranormal, fictitious novel revolving around twin sixteen year olds. On their birthday, they are both caught in a fire. Only one survives. While this definitely does take us through the struggles that the survivor faces in the following years, it is not the usual troubles that you would expect. Rather than mourning the loss of his sister, Danny is forced to live a dangerous life with multiple near-death experiences. Not only is his own life in danger, but so is his wife’s and son’s.

As it turns out, his twin sister Ashley has not quite left the world Danny is living in now. She refuses to let go of him, livid that he did not perish in the fire as well. She makes it her mission to torture him throughout his life. If she was not able to live happily ever after, why should he?

Final Thoughts

This book brings upon a lot of suspense and a surprisingly evil, yet perfect twist ending. While rooting for Danny to get rid of Ashley, you cannot help but wonder what exactly happened that resulted in the fire.

Overall Score 4.7
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