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The Deal by Elle Kennedy

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“The Deal” is a novel that will delight and surprise you on every page.
Hannah Wells finally found someone worthy. But while she is confident in many other aspects of life, she has some huge baggage when it comes to sex and seduction.

Everything that Garrett Graham wants, is to graduate and to be able to play professional hockey. But his constant low notes are threatening to ruin everything he dreams of. If he has to make another guy jealous with a beautiful girl, to guarantee his spot on the team, he’ll do it. But it is just an exchange of favors between two opposing ends. Until, a kiss makes Hannah and Garret rethink the terms of their agreement.

This book should come with a neon flashing sign saying: cliché, cliché, cliché. And many times it angered me greatly, however – there’s always a catch. The stress caused by the flood of stereotypes was not enough to make me fall less in love with the characters, and it didn’t made it a less addictive reading.
The plot is silly and the dialogue is not the best and this makes it impossible for me to explain how this book is engaging. I just could not stop reading. The story of Hannah and Garrett managed to glue me to the pages, in a way I haven’t been glued before. And after finishing reading, I got that good feeling you have after watching a movie or silly romantic comedy.

Garrett and Hannah are well designed characters. Although, I actually think that was one of the biggest mistakes of the author. Do not get me wrong, I fell in love with Garrett. However, a few things bothered me very much – for example, their abusive past. It was a bit relevant to the story itself, but it was still unnecessary, you know? I sense that for fear of taking a chance, the author fell in a common place. However, even in this common place, she managed to captivate me and that’s enough. N.A. novels exist to entertain and it perfectly fulfilled its role.

The secondary characters are very well developed, but they are all ridiculously beautiful and this is repeated several times throughout the pages. This was kind of tiring, but then I realized that some of them will be the protagonists of the next volumes, and I accepted this factor as a justification for their extraordinary beauty.

Final Thoughts

This book has become a favorite of mine and I do not even know how to explain why. Unfortunately the author was lost at times - and I cannot let this go unnoticed, after all, I need to be honest with you. Still, even with all the flaws that the story has, the reading was very fast and kept me glued to the pages from the beginning to the end and I'm super excited for the next volume of the series.

Overall Score 3
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