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The Engagement Clause (Married by Christmas)

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The Engagement Clause (Married by Christmas) is a comedy movie about an important executive who must get married in order to inherit the family company. Carrie Tate (Jes Macallan) is an executive at her family’s company. After her father retired, she took over. She works really hard and is dedicated. She can play hard ball when it comes to negotiations.

The only thing that she never really focused on is herself. She is a bit serious and doesn’t really date. At work, she is trying to close a deal with Dylan (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), but regretfully the deal is not closed and neither Dylan nor Carrie end on good terms either. One day, her sister Katie (April Bowlby) announces that she will get married on Christmas Eve to her boyfriendbEthan (Adam Senn).

To end the announcement night, Carrie and Katie find out that their grandmother has written a clause in her will that states the first sister who marries will receive the family company. Well, the husband of said sister will now be the owner in this case. Both sisters are surprised by this news. Yet, Katie and Ethan are excited because in a few days they will get married. Ethan already has some ideas for the company.

On the other hand, not only is Carrie surprised, but she is also mad. Because she doesn’t like the fact that she worked so hard for seven years. She will not accept the fact that her new brother in law will be the new owner of the company she worked so hard for. So she and her assistant/ friend Zelda
(Lauren Pritchard) work on a plan for her to get married before her sister does so the company will remain in her hands.

From this point on, she goes on this amazing quest to find the perfect groom for her, only to realize that things are not so easy out there in the dating world. Since Zelda sees that she is not having the best of luck dating, she asks Carrie if there is someone from her past that she liked. As she considers “the one that got away,” she hopes for a potential man. Carrie has an idea and she contacts him, asking Paul (Ryan Caltagirone) out.

At a wedding event, Carrie finds out that Dylan the despicable lawyer is none other than the groom’s best friend and best man. What will happen between Paul and Carrie? Will Carrie and Dylan get along? Which sister will get married first? As the quote says, “It’s a race to the altar”.

Final Thoughts

This movie is funny, sad yet so romantic. And you can relate a bit to this movie. It has so many auw moments. Yet some funny scenes with funny quotes for example Carrie says to Katie “oh my gosh I like him. I sexy plaids like him”. I have to admit that I loved watching this movie. I was not disappointed one bit. And I would definitely recommend watching this movie if you are married, engaged or single. Have you watched this movie yet? What did you think about it?

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