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The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume and Curl

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Essence cosmetics are one of my favourite brands to try new products of, mainly because it is affordable. They have a wide range of products and even if it’s not suitable for you, it’s only a few bucks that you’re giving it.

Something they seem to be getting right are their mascaras. Despite their low price tag, they do the job and the claims they make appear to be the truth. This particular mascara will lengthen and volumize your lashes, keeping them curled, to the point it legitimately does look like you are wearing false lashes. I adore this mascara and am very, very pleased!

This product only comes in the colour black.

Final Thoughts

Especially when you shouldn’t be using mascaras for longer than 3-6 months, why invest in too much money when you need to toss it out AND the quality of the cheaper option is just as incredible?

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