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The Fifth Annual Spring Fling

For the fifth time, the Guild team presents it’s annual Spring Fling!

Helping welcome in the new season, the competition involves finding a partner (from another guild rather than your own) to enter together. The requirements involve dressing your diva in Spring attire, including using a flower and baby pet within the outfit.

Partners have the choice of choosing whether they want to use CYO or stick with shop items. As with other partner events, the two members will post their entries together when participating. If users are unable to find a partner themselves, the Guild team offers a matchmaking service which will help you pair up with someone!

If you are eager to enter a competition while also working along with another user, enter today! The deadline is the 28th of this month by midnight and the prizes are more than worth it! Go and have fun while representing your guild.

Want to chit chat about the competition with some other users? You may do so here!

Good luck to everyone!

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