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“The Fill-In Boyfriend” by Kasie West

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This book tells Gia’s story. A popular girl at school, great grades, an awesome family, friends who are everything she could ask for, and a boyfriend who’s even better. Soon, she’ll be enrolling at her dream university.

On the day of her prom, her boyfriend ends everything. She could enter the party alone if Jules wasn’t a major part of her life. She’s doing everything to turn her friends against her, even affirming that there isn’t a boyfriend in the picture.

Then, Gia does what she thinks is right. She asks for a stranger in the parking lot, Bradley, to pretend to be her boyfriend. They are supposed to end the farce as soon as the night ends, but things get complicated, since Gia begins to develop feelings for him.

With this book I try to leave aside the teenager drama and focus more on the characters’ personalities. Until Gia became more mature, the story was painful to read because she was a bit selfish and always worrying about what others would think of her, instead of living her life.

Final Thoughts

The romance is well developed and worked but it could have been done better. The characters seemed more like good friends rather than lovers. When I began to feel like they loved each other, it became more easy to read. Every gesture and touch between them seemed more real. In the end, I got the feeling that it all went by very fast. First they were friends, and all of a sudden they were in love - all because they touched hands. All in all, it was a good and light read. Remember, this is a teenager romance so it's all very naive and smooth.

Overall Score 2.3
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  1. ladylou

    ugh this is going to sound so negative but that kind of story line has been done soooo many times especially by aspiring/amateur writers who write for teens.

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