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The Forum Team Presents:!

The Diva Chix Forums is a whole community filled with so much. Aside from all of the informational resources of the DC Forums, there is also a lot of fun things to do. Member competitions are held, there is an arcade, and there are also activities hosted by the Forum Staff team, who work hard to look over the forums and make sure everything is going smoothly. There are quite a lot of activities that they have. The most popular being the Forum Profile Decorating Contest! Every month, you can customize your FORUM profile, screen shot a picture of it, and enter to win some prizes! Those are usually held HERE (click), always be on the look out for these, they usually start on the 1st of every month!

The next activity they have are Blog Competitions, sometimes they’ll have you decorate your blog or post about a certain topic and judge based on the criteria! The blog comps can be found HERE (click).

The third activity they provide isn’t a competition but is still something very cool and it is the Forum Scrapbook! This can be found HERE (click). They release one each month and it shows you happenings around the forums! It is such a cool way to spread what’s happening around the forums without having to look through everything! Make sure to check that out every month!

Next activity is a competition, a small one, but still lots of fun! It’s the caption contest! These happen bi-weekly and you are given a picture and you try to come up with the best line, or caption, for it! It’s such a fun, little something that you can always look forward to. That can be found HERE (click).

Lastly is the Random Forum Contest, this is also a little competition that is run bi-weekly but you never know what the comp will be, or what the prizes are, or even where it is located. That’s why they call it random LOL. They are always something different like a flash game or post your favorite outfit, anything. You just have to be on the look for the title, “Random Forum Contest.” Make sure not to miss the next one!

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