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The Gong Show

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The Gong Show is an amateur talent contest known for its absurdist humor and style. Outlandish losing acts are sometimes more memorable than the winning act. The show originally aired in June 14, 1976 and ran through 1978 and then went into syndication until 1980. Chuck Barris actually created and originally produced this show. The show has now come back again in 2017 to fill in for some summer shows.

Each show presents a contest of amateur performers of most often dubious talents and includes a panel of 3 celebrity judges. The judges have the power after so many seconds to hit the gong if they do not like the performance.

The host for this season is Mike Myers, but with all the make-up he wears you would never even recognize him.

I don’t think this show will ever make a come back. Watching this show is truly a waste of time and the talent is really something to be questioned.

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Well, where do I begin, I did not like the show when it first aired and this latest season is just as bad. The talent that they find is really bad to put it plainly. Don't recommend this show at all.

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