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The Guildless

The Guildless was created March 8, 2015 by Sobriquet.

We are a small guild that is about playing the game without all the pressure of doing a lot of tasks, or winning a lot of battles. We play at our own pace, while enjoying the benefits of being in a guild. I care more that our members have fun, rather than feel like it’s a chore to be in a guild.

I created the guild on a whim, because I had been in other guilds, and I really did enjoy being a member of each of them, but I didn’t feel ready to be in a guild again, but at the same time I wanted to be in a guild. This dilemma got me thinking that maybe I should create my own guild.

We want our members to feel free to play the game in a way they enjoy, while contributing what they can. Most of us aren’t active every day, and that is fine. We appreciate member contributions, but they aren’t required.

New members are always welcome, but this isn’t a fast paced guild at all. So if you want to be in a guild where you can relax, and just enjoy playing the game, this is the guild for you!

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