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The Indi Pose

There is a hot new pose all around the DC runways. That pose is the Indi pose made by the talented aristocat!

The body for all 3 divas can be found here!

Left Diva:
Hair: By Aristocat
Dress: From the Mall
Necklace: From the Mall
Earrings: By Sobriquet
Shoes: By Adna111

Hair: By Divaesque
Top: By Aristocat
Skirt: By Intrigued
Shoes: By Aristocat
Handbag: By Aristocat

Right Diva:
Hair: By Hippie_chick
Necklace: By Hippie_chick
Top: By Aristocat
Bottoms: By Aristocat
Shoes: By Aristocat

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  1. sl2011

    I love the pose and all our CYO designers are creating fantastic clothing and Bundles for her I’ve brought almost every outfit created for the Indi pose LOL!!

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