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The Miniaturist

Going back to the past, this story takes place in the 1600s. Written by Jessie Burton, it is a story about an eighteen year old woman who is newly a wife to a wealthy merchant.

Unfortunately for her, the new life she is adapting to as a married woman is not the one that she expects. Her husband does not seem to be paying her enough attention and she is forced to spend her days in the company of his stubborn and restrictive sister. Her days are spent generally alone, until she receives a unique gift from her husband. With this new miniature model of her new home, she enlists the help of a miniaturist to help create items to place in the model.

As with any good story, there are many mysteries to uncover as she tries to figure out what the family is hiding. Combining that with a time where restrictive ideologies were the most prominent, things are not looking too favourable for this family.

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While I did enjoy the plot, I felt that it was a little slow in the beginning. I was not as captivated to keep reading, but I am glad I did as the ending is not one that I expected!

Overall Score 3.8
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