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The Most Haunting Music for Halloween in October

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The first song is Chris Brown with his song “Wall to Wall.”

This song and video is perfect for Halloween since it has scenes of vampires drinking blood and converting Chris Brown into a vampire. The song has a nice beat, so it would be perfect for any Halloween party.

The second song is Kay Perry ft. Juicy J with her song “Dark Horse.”

This song and video is perfect for Halloween because the word dark describes what Halloween is all about (e.g. with dark colors and so on). There are also the Egyptian costumes that Katy and the others in the video are wearing. Plus, Katy shows her evil powers in the video and makes a great musical combination with Juicy J. Another song with a really nice beat to it. Definitely a hot track since it has over 1 billion views on YouTube.

The third song is Rihanna with her song “Disturbia.”

This song and video is perfect for Halloween because you can see Rihanna acting possessed and then all of a sudden she is dressed like a spider queen. You can see fire, a web of a spider, big strong men like monsters, Rihanna trying to escape, and then of course the possessed people dancing. The song and video is definitely a Halloween song, plus of course like the other songs, it has a nice beat to it so it’s perfect for any party. It’s also a popular song as it has over 126 million views.

The fourth song is Michael Jackson with his song “Thriller.”

Thriller is like the anthem of all things Halloween. The video has creepy monsters including possessed zombies. In one scene, when the zombie opens its mouth, blood comes out. It has of course dancing in it and at the end there is even evil laughter. The video and song is perfect for a Halloween party. Plus, if you’re really into scary stuff on Halloween, then this is definitely the video for you. The video has over 25 million views.

The fifth song is Little Mix “Black Magic.”

This song and video is not really based on Halloween, but it does have black magic in it. The four girls are making use of their magic, using that magic in school on a girl who is a bully. They also used an enchantment spell on a guy who other girls were making a fun of. Even the chorus sounds like a enchantment. It’s definitely a more fun way to look at Halloween. And of course, the song has very nice beat to it. The video has over 233 million views. Out of all the music videos that I watched, this is hands down my favorite one without a doubt.

So tell me, have you listened to these songs or have you watched their videos? What did you think? Did you like them?

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Chris Brown - Wall to Wall
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Rihanna - Disturbia
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Little Mix - Black Magic
Final Thoughts

These songs are definitely popular for a reason. Either because they are so creepy, or because they have a nice beat to. I would definitely recommend you watch these videos or play the songs at any Halloween party.

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