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The Office – USA

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So I know what some people will be thinking seeing this, Sian, how have you only JUST watched this!?

And to be honest, I’m not sure! I’ve seen an episode here or there, but I had never sat down and watched the show all the way through, but over the last 5 months I think I have watched every episode about 5 times now, and I am in love!

You follow the antics of people stuck in a small office work space for years, with friendships, new jobs and true loves being found. Most of the original main cast stick around until the end of the series (except for one, who I wont mention, because, well, spoilers!) with a few new members joining the main cast along the way, and recurring cast members such as Catherine Tate joining in!

This show reminds me of an actual work place (with over the top characters of course) but its so easy to watch as it is so relate-able! The annoying office know it all, the hot one, the lazy one who somehow is still loved by management, if you’ve worked in an office (and most work places) you will have met these during your time there!

Final Thoughts

It's so easy to read, I watch it when I'm feeling down and need a pick me up, or if I'm happy and just want to keep the good mood going! I honestly recommend this to anyone who needs a feel good, comedy show to watch! If you haven't seen it, go watch it! If you have, go watch it again!

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