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The Probability Of Miracles by Wendy Wunder

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Campbell is 17 years old and she doesn’t believe in God, much less miracles. In addition, Cam knows she’s dying and wants to do everything that she has never done but her mother doesn’t accept that she will lose her daughter. Instead, she plans a trip to a place that is known for being miraculous.

Campbell has cancer and is already at a stage that does not allow her to have hope. However, her mother will not give up so easy, so she joins Cam and Perry (her youngest daughter) in a trailer for a road trip from Orlando to Promise in Maine, a city reputed to be miraculous. The synopsis implies that the book is more religious than it really is (in fact, the only manifestation of religion here is the grandmother of Cam being Catholic). Several of the events are very hasty and some other things have a very shallow explanation that left me confused for a few moments. I also found that I have not been able to really connect with the characters. Cancer is a tricky subject to deal with, but I could not feel very emotionally attached to what was happening, but I confess I shed a tear or two at the end.

I liked how Cam was a diversified protagonist (she is half Samoan and half Italian) and had the ability to dance hula. She grew up in Orlando and her family has always worked at Disney, so dancing is something she has always been doing. Cam is skeptical of the miraculous city, but sees in Promise the chance to complete her Flamingo List (a list of things to do before she dies, but she and her friend Lily did not want to call it that). I found it very bizarre how Cam completes the first item in the list in the city, mainly by the author then treating it as if it was nothing. Cam is a good protagonist, but the author’s way of leading the story did not let me care too much. I also liked Cam’s mother and sister, they were very witty and funny. Asher was nice too and I found the two really cute together. But, for me the secondary characters were badly presented, without much background, almost without personality in some aspects.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would say it is not a bad book at all. Even with all the issues I found, it kept me entertained and some of the scenes can be really fun. If you like this kind of genre, it's worth to give it a chance and make your own conclusions.

Overall Score 2
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