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The Return of Divamour

The long and certainly awaited for, Divamour, our major CYO competition has returned! It is still going strong in its 9th season. For this year’s Divamour, the chosen theme is “The Four Elements Trip” but with a catch. For each element, a country will be incorporated within each design concept.

Phase 1 kicked off on March 7 with the theme Air in Greece and 11 of the 22 registered participants amazed us with their take on the chosen theme of the week. Each goddess was as beautiful as the next, making it very hard for any of us to only have one favorite. With the first phase closing on the 13th, it started the first Auction with many eager members and fans of Divamour going on a bidding frenzy.

With no delays, the second phase of Divamour started with the theme Fire in Argentina, with its deadline set for the 20th at 11:59pm.

Divamour will be running throughout the month of March with the last phase, the fourth one, at a deadline set for April 3rd. Until then, the forums will be filled with auctions, beauties when it comes to the creations, and a chance to see how our participants have grown throughout previous seasons of Divamour.

Don’t forget to check out the forum daily at Divamour 9: The Four Elements Trips, so you do not miss anything during this exciting time!

4 Comments on The Return of Divamour

  1. jennamazingg

    I’m obsessed with Divamour. I wish we had them twice a year. 😛 lol!!!
    Or that we had other competitions like it. I’d enter them all, to try for improvement in CYO!!! 🙂

  2. hada_sonadora

    Divamour as always is a huge hit among us the fans.
    It always brings the best and each year it gets better and better.
    It makes me want to start designing.
    And the judges are amazing. Even though they criticize your (the designers) work, but it’s constructive critcism. So it’s to help you as a designer.
    And I saw a lot of designers participate in Divamour and nowadays they have bettered their techniques.

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