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The Sense of an Ending

The Sense of an Ending, written by Julian Barnes, is a fictitious novel that really leaves you questioning and thinking about how our perspectives vary from one another. Not just throughout at the novel, but once you finish it as well.

The story begins with the main character, a retired man named Tony Webster. We begin to learn about his early years and his experiences with friends and his first love. Although the group of friends initially claim that they will forever be in touch, this does not turn out to be the case as they fall apart. Things are further shaken up when one of them commits suicide. Tony is now left to wonder what went wrong when the friend he once looked up to as being the smartest and wisest takes his own life.

The author throughout the novel comes to many surprising realizations that force him to reconsider his previous memories and consider any misunderstandings. Missing certain details can completely alter past memories.

Final Thoughts

This book was not only captivating in terms of a plot, but it also provides a unique perspective on how drastically your life can change when you are forced to take on a different perspective.

Overall Score 4.5
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