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The Shining & Doctor Sleep

Regardless of whether you are a fan of horror, you are bound to know who Stephen King is. It seems that many either love his books or prefer to do without them, considering how scary his books can be. His books are also on the more lengthier side. The pace of the story can be quite slow, however, it is advantageous for his stories as it seems scarier when you know something terrible is going to happen, but you do not know when.

The Shining was the first book I read from King after being forced to in a literature class. It tells the story of a little boy, Danny, who possesses “the shine,” referring to his precognition abilities. His father, Jack is an abusive alcoholic and his mother, Wendy, is trying to do everything in her power to ensure her son’s safety after the tragic events that occur as a result of her husband’s aggression. The family temporarily moves to The Overlook Hotel where they will be staying for a handful of months as Jack works as the hotel’s caretaker. The spirits in the hotel of the previous murdered tenants in combination with little Danny’s shining are a terrible match as their worst nightmare comes to life, being trapped in the hotel forever. Will they make it out? Take a read yourself.

Following the novel came the sequel Doctor Sleep, released 36 years later, and one of the books I am currently reading. After the intensity of the first novel, I was curious to see what else could possibly happen! Do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled.

This story revolves around grown-up Dan (previously affectionately referred to as Danny) and his life. His father’s alcohol and aggressive tendencies show themselves in Dan as he tries to cope with it and avoid becoming like his father. He ends up meeting a young girl with an intense shine, and to their terror, a group of sinister people who appear to feed off of the shine.

Have you read either of these books? Or any of other King’s novels? Any recommendations? Let us know below!

Final Thoughts

Both of these novels will provide you with chills that only get more intense throughout the novel. Be aware if you prefer to read during the night, suddenly those shadows might not look so innocent anymore.

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