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The Site is Back!

(Missed what happened last week? Check out previous episodes to catch up.)

Molly’s POV
When I woke up this morning, I definitely wasn’t expecting this.

I was going to open a YouTube tab when I hit my bookmark for the Diva Chix forums instead. And to my surprise, the site was there.

Not only that, but the threads that Carrie made were no longer there. All staff members had their titles. There was no sign of Carrie at all. It turned out that I wasn’t the first one to find this out and the forums were already buzzing again. Although most of the threads were from months ago, there was one new celebratory thread. Members were rejoicing at their site returning and were ecstatic. There were new threads every second as friends were reunited at last.

While trying to make sense of this all, I noticed I was getting a notification on Skype.

Skype > DC Admin Group

Angie: Look what’s back up.
Sashka: Angie! How did you manage to do this?
Angie: She tried to scare me away with viruses and threats but I’ve managed to get direct contact with her. Looks like I’m the one who scared her off.
Sashka: I couldn’t be more happy right now. Especially to see you back!
Carlie: I agree! Although I wish Sylvie was here to see this all as well? Where is she anyways?
Molly: I couldn’t help but notice that everyone got their staff titles back except for Sylvie. Did you not get to it yet?

Angie has logged off.

Carlie: Oh no.. not again…

So close to figuring this all out! Make sure to return to the next issue of Pulse to find out who the culprit is for sure…

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