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The Site Returns

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Carlie’s POV

Weeks were going by, but the site showed no sign of returning. Perhaps I was too optimistic to assume everything would return back to normal within a matter of days.

Molly had pointed out the peculiar message that appeared on the site Diva Chix redirected to now and I was still unsure what to make of it. The obvious deduction made here was that whoever was behind everything was someone who was rejected from staff. Some bitter user who was unable to pass the initial application process. I can understand that it could be upsetting, but there were only so many spots that could be filled. Either way, there would be applications open again or suitable members would be approached.

Hm, if only we had access to the site again we might be able to pinpoint who this user could be. I exchanged my thoughts with the other admins in an attempt to see if anyone could recall any potential suspects. I had a few in mind, but I absolutely could not imagine any of them stooping to this level.

By habit, I opened a new tab and typed out the site address to my beloved site but paused before hitting enter. I knew what would happen if I did, but I did anyways with some hope remaining.


To my surprise, the site was back up! Did Angie find out who it was? Could we finally put this all behind us? I clicked the thread with the most recent post.

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > Welcome, back!

Today at 9:29 AM – Posted by carrie07
Did your heart skip a beat when you saw your site again? Did you think everything would be returned back to normal and you could put everything behind you?


I just got a little bored without seeing all of your anxious and frantic posts. So welcome back. Temporarily, perhaps. A little birdy tells me the admins are working away to figure out who I am, but of course, I’m miles ahead of them. Light years ahead. Maybe they’d like your help!

Nice to see your little faces again,
I missed you!


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