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The Spiderwick Chronicles

By the image, you might recognize these books, The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black being quite popular only a few years back. Whether that means you were a child in elementary school reading them, or if you saw children having a copy of these books in their hands.

This series is one of fantasy, including many mythical creatures including elves, trolls, goblins and hippogriffs. The story centres around three siblings, Mallory, Jared and Simon Grace who have discovered this mystical world and are trying to avoid the repercussions now that they are aware of this initially hidden aspect of their lives. As they stumble upon a guidebook created by their great-grandfather, they are now forced to fight off the creatures that try to take it from them for some unknown reason. While they have each other to support one another, there are a lot of unfortunate mishaps that inevitably take place. All of this disaster oddly takes place when their father separates from their mother, and are forced to move into their grandmother’s creaky, unstable home.

The initial series has five books, the second series has three, and a sequel series entitled “Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles” has an additional three books to enjoy. There are also many companion books including titles like “Care and Feeding of Sprites.”

Final Thoughts

Although the story-line was a good one, the characters were not as relatable as you would hope. However, as the title characters are children and that is the key demographic, it is understandable that there are bound to be stubbornness and teenage rebellion taking place.

Overall Score 3.8
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  1. Suzanne_Sky

    I read these – or at least the first boxed set – quite a few years ago. I really liked them, although like you said, the characters were not quite ‘right’ for me, either. But I loved the wide variety of fae creatures and the premise of the books. I passed them along to younger family members when I was through with them, and they were enjoyed all over again by a new generation of readers. 🙂

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