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The Success of Band Aid 30

Celebrities joined forces this month to bring a cover version of the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” to raise money for Ebola.

Band Aid began in 1984 to raise money for areas hit with high amounts of poverty. The Band makes a cover of the song, which is then released, and all profits go towards the cause.

This year the money raised is going towards the deadly Ebola disease which has killed roughly 6,000 people and has left hundreds of others critically ill. Whilst the disease has been around for many years, a large outbreak took place this year which we have seen on all media sources world-wide.

Celebrities who joined Band Aid this year, which is now called Band Aid 30, included singers such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Sam Smith and Chris Martin as well as many more and whilst writing this, it is currently number 1 in the charts. According to online resources, the song raised £1 million in the first 5 minutes of its release.

Some celebrities, however, have disagreed with the decision to cover the song. They stated that they would rather give money to the cause than buy the song and others have even suggested that celebrities are singing for Band Aid as a platform to promote their own songs.

It is clear to say that Band Aid have successfully raised a lot of money for Ebola. Did you purchase the song? Comment below!

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