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The Whispers

The Whispers is a new show from the ABC network, which so far is still getting my attention. The show is about this imaginary friend, Drill, who has been playing with children and after a few accidents parents and officials come to the conclusion that it’s not make believe, but in a fact a real threat.

Drill makes the kids take part of its manipulation game which until now no one knows to what end. This entity seems to only be heard and seen by children, and all of its actions makes it a menace to the National security.

The story line so far is keeping me intrigued, which is a good thing. The cast is great, with many well known actors with solid acting backgrounds.

We have the actress Lily Rabe playing the character Claire Benningan, a child specialist FBI agent, whose mission is to stop this entity, known as Drill, from making another kid fall for its tricks. She is also the mother of Henry, played by Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, who has also befriended Drill and becomes part of its little game.

Actor Milo Ventimiglia joins the cast as John Doe, a man who wakes up in deep deserts of Africa, near death and with no recollection of his own identity. Somehow he feels drawn to DC, like something is calling for him, only to become the main suspect on the accidents happening around the children, who befriended Drill.

Also part of the cast is Barry Sloane, who plays Wes Lawrence, a Defense Department operative who is trying to fight this enemy that cannot be seen, while struggling with marital problems between him as his wife, Lena Lawrence. The role which is played actress Kristen Connolly. They are both parents of another friend of Drill, Minx Lawrence, played by Kyle Rogers.

Jessup Rollins, Claire’s reluctant, fellow FBI agent who eventually joins her in the battle of this unknown threat, who they only know as Drill, is played by actor Derek Webster. This character initially started as a great skeptic and now has been transformed into a believer.

This show was created by Soo Hugh, and it’s just the right amount of, thriller, mystery, sci-fi and drama.

Final Thoughts

This show has great potential. It reminds me a bit of The X-Files. Hopefully the 1st season does well enough to be renewed.

Overall Score 4.5
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