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Tokyo Parakeets

Photo credit:, Photographer: Yoshinori Mizutani

There has been an area in Tokyo, around the home of Yoshinori Mizutani, a photographer, where an abundance of neon green parakeets have been flocking to.

The photographer explained that not only was he surprised to see hundreds of them huddling around, but also a little nervous as it was an unusual sight. What he finds particularly interesting is that the animal does not usually go for areas that are as cold, but these birds have seem to find a way to adapt to it.

As a photographer, he took advantage and began capturing images of this phenomenon. By using a strobe light, he has taken very beautiful pictures by emphasizing the unique colours of the animal and the surrounding environment. He has taken artistic approaches by choosing to photograph them throughout the different seasons. He has also paid attention to their behavioural patterns in order to capture the perfect images.

One of his photographs is included on the top of this article. How do you think they turned out?

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