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Top 5 Beauty Tips for Pale Skin

As the winter months are here, many people will be lacking the tan that they are used to. To celebrate the season, these tips will be something to keep in mind to help you get that perfect winter look!

1. Avoid Neutral Lip Colors – Especially if you are very pale. Try to avoid lip colours that are lighter than your skin tone – you will look more dead than alive.

2. Go For Color on your lips – Against pale skin tones, lip colours look more vivid and brilliant!

3. Eye-liner – Go with eye-liner that is a shade or two darker than your eye shadow. One thing is for sure, you never want to go lighter. It doesn’t have to be black as this can look too dark on paler skin!

4. Mascara – Plain and simple, always choose black mascara. It will help make your eyes pop. Brown or clear mascara won’t do your complexion any good.

5. Buy and Test Foundation – In the winter, your face will be paler than the foundation you bought during the summer so you will need to buy yourself a new one. Remember to test the foundation on your face and not your hand as they are likely to be very different colours. Look at the colour in the store and out in the natural light before making your final decision.

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