Do It Yourself

Tree Block Tic Tac Toe

The season for celebrations has arrived. Outdoor events; parties; and family reunions are back in full swing. It is always fun to have games to play with fellow party goers. So, let’s add some rustic charm with tic tac toe boards made out of tree block.

Things You Will Need

  • Tree block; these can be found at most craft stores, Walmart, or made yourself from tree stumps.
  • Wood Burner
  • Pencil, optional.
  • Whatever shape of wood you wood like for x’s and o’s. I used hearts.

With a sharp, thin pointed tip warmed up, press the burner to the wood and draw the straightest line. Sometimes it is easier to draw lines with pencil first and attempt to follow it with the burner.

Draw four lines total. Two horizontal and two vertical, like a tic tac toe game, of course! You will most likely want to go over every line once or twice until you get the appearance you would like.

Now for the fun part. Draw the x’s and o’s on the pieces you picked to use. I picked wooden hearts that I had left over from a previous project. The x’s are pretty easy, just two lines crossing each other. For the o’s it is recommended to draw them out and trace over them.

This D.I.Y doesn’t take much work and is pretty simple, but it is definitely cute and fun to play with. Plus, it isn’t hard to store and can be used over and over again. Enjoy it as much as I do!

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