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TSA confiscates a 5 year old’s toy

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been making headlines once again. This time, for throwing away a 5 year old boy’s toy for looking too much like a gun.

The little kid had received a Buzz Lightyear Flip Grip toy from his uncle as a souvenir from Disney World. When he went to take it onto the plane, they told him that it was not allowed due to how it looked. They then proceeded to toss it into the trash while the boy cried.

A spokesman from TSA told Yahoo! Parenting “When passengers are informed that an item is prohibited from being carried into the cabin of an airplane, they are given options by TSA. One of those options is that passengers may place the item in a checked bag. Other options…include handing off the item to a non-traveling companion, returning it to their car, and mailing it to their destination if that airport has a mailing center. Those options were explained the passenger chose instead to voluntarily surrender the item to TSA, where it was placed in a locked bin along with other prohibited items and will ultimately be turned over to the state.”

Is the TSA really in the wrong for declining a child to bring an innocent toy onto the plane? Or should the father of the boy opted to the other options given to them so his son could of kept the toy? Let us know what you think.

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