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DC’s Two Timing Member

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With the flood of the members who chose to stick with just the main site swarming the forums, the forums were home to hundreds of members at a time who were anxious and nervous about what was happening to their beloved site. Posts were appearing left and right questioning the drastic changes that were taking place and begging Angie to give them some reassurance.


Gossip Corner – The Common Room

Today at 7:38 PM – Posted by Divabimbo
I’m so fed up with this! We need to figure out a way to get rid of this troll ASAP! This site was supposed to give me an opportunity to have fun – not stress!

Today at 7:38 PM – Posted by Bricookies
I don’t understand how one user can be causing this much damage. Surely there is a simple way to get rid of this and reverse everything she’s messed up?

Today at 7:38 PM – Posted by Blonderose
Is asking for our old site back too much to ask? What did we even do in the first place? 🙁

Today at 7:39 PM – Posted by Nettiestyle
Why were a bunch of staff members demodded? Was there a mass firing?

Today at 7:39 PM – Posted by EverDream
No, nothing like that. Unfortunately, we don’t know why they don’t have their old privileges but I’m sure it’s only going to be temporary!

Today at 7:40 PM – Posted by Carrie07
I’ve been getting rid of teams for months now and you’ve only now noticed? In fact, there’s actually only three left! But by the end of the night, there will just be two. Any guesses on who it will be? 😀

Today at 7:41 PM – Posted by Satindoll317
Pleaseeee don’t get rid of the Pulse team! I look forward to reading the issues every month 🙁

Today at 7:42 PM – Posted by Fashionxxx
But you can’t get rid of the Forum or Community team either! We wouldn’t have any contests or staff members to help the rest of us out! 🙁

Today at 7:43 PM – Posted by Carrie07
Sure, all really good points. But this team really deserves it. They do a horrible job and was the first team that rejected me. Trust me, you wouldn’t miss them! With all this excitement, you will be fine. 😀

Today at 7:44 PM – Posted by Nettiestyle
Is that all it is? You got rejected from a team and now you’re upset? Why not just wait and apply again??

Today at 7:45 PM – Posted by Carrie07
No. That’s not just it. It was the first team I took a chance at applying to and they didn’t accept me. I was horrified! Granted, they didn’t have any open positions, but still. They made the wrong choice. But whatever, it doesn’t matter now. Soon, I will be the official owner of the site and I can’t wait! Then you’ll truly see what the perfect community would be.

Which team do you think Carrie is plotting against?! Is it our beloved magazine? Our forum team? Community?! Who was the first one to break Carrie’s heart?

The drama continues in the next issue of Pulse…

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